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Maverick Men – Thank Cock It’s Friday

Last updated: March 29th, 2017
Hello, you maverick men fans and welcome back! Cole and Hunter and here with some fresh content and we are so lucky to have them around since they managed to record another smoking hot scene during some trip. The hunks found this new buddy who was some fan of their and was pretty eager to try their cocks a little. Well, aren’t we all? Anyway, the horny dude offered his ass to Cole who shoved his fat cock balls deep inside, making him moaning loudly while his lover, Hunter was recoding the scene for you.

Maverick Men Thank Cock It's Friday

So, yeah, they are back and it seems like they get better with every week. Cole will fuck his buddy like there’s no tomorrow, shoving the cock into his mouth first, then pulling down the pants, he will shove it into his ass, hard and raw, as they prefer. Hunter was assisting them, but not for long as he also got hard watching stud Cole fucking a fresh ass, so he joined their fuck session. Hunter will put his cock into that guy’s mouth, the couple double teaming him for your viewing delight in a great POV. Hot positions will come next and Hunter and Cole will end up spraying their dripping cum all over that guy’s face. Amazing moment. Just cum inside and you will find there the entire maverickmen gallery and some incredible video. Also, Cole and Hunter have there their entire collection of fuck sessions on camera. Like the guys from the nextdoor male blog, these muscled gay guys are crazy about getting their asses stretched to the limits in front of the video camera! Till next week, enjoy those too.

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Maverick Men – Tall Hairy Guy

Hello there! Some maverick men are back on your screens since we owe you fresh content. Well, another great week has passed and your beloved Hunter and Cole found this handsome dude who will flash his goods all over the camera, making our guys horny and eager to fuck, then he’ll take good care of their both cocks. So the tall ginger guy presented his fat cock on the camera, posing while chocking it and having his hairy ass exposed in all it’s glory for your viewing delight.

So let’s not waste time and let’s enjoy him touching himself on the camera, taking out his fat cock and also massaging his asshole for Cole and Hunter. That naughty ginger dude just wanted to out those two in the mood by teasing them with his ripped body, the hairy hole and that large cock. And he sure succeed as you will see Hunter simply taking his cock out and shoving it into his mouth while Cole is sucking in his ginger balls and on that huge dick. Great content, once again and I truly hope you’ll come inside for the entire maverickmen scene. Let’s not waste anymore time and let’s enjoy that dude doing his thing for you, then fucking Hunter and Cole for your entertainment. Just hit the link bellow and you will see exactly what I’m talking about, Enjoy, you little perverts and be here for more next time! For similar material, enter the CMNM blog and see other big cocked gay guys jerking off in front of the video camera! See you next time, so stay tuned!

Maverick Men Tall Hairy Guy

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Sleep Over

Hello, you little perverts and welcome back! We have for you fresh maverick men content and since your beloved Cole and Hunter had a wonderful night as they had this horny teen sleeping over at their place, we thought that it might be a good idea to share with you their great experience. So the talented boy pleasured both, sucking their cocks eagerly, then bending for some anal penetrations. Cole and Hunter gave him a small taste of real fuck, so I bet he dream wet on this experience for awhile from now on.

Maverick Men Sleep Over

Let’s get to serious business and let’s watch how the three are starting everything. This time was Hunter who shoved his mature cock into that younger mouth. The naked dude was eager to feel it’s taste so you will see him sucking eagerly on it, and also gagging his throat for your viewing delight. That cute teen will look great on camera while sucking a more mature guy like Hunter. Anyway, in no time Cole will join these hot eastboys, so you will see him pulling out his throbbing and shoving it into that young mouth. Two cocks, one mouth and a cute guy trying to please them both. That man will take those tools deep into his ass and the great finale presents him all jizzed out. You cannot miss this one. Just watch and drool, my friends and also be back for more maverickmen next week. Have fun till then!

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Maverick Men – Pumper Part 2

Hello, you all! Who is ready for some fresh maverick men scenes starring your favorite Cole and his new ginger partner? Tonight this stud decided to show us a little about his deepthroating skills and his lover, Hunter was recoding his while sucking on a fat cock, just for you. Just grab a seat and watch that horny dude gagging his throat on some large cock while massaging the balls and asshole. Cole sure knows how to pleasure ay guy, so let’s cut the talking and let’s enjoy him doing his thing for you.

Horny Cole decided that is time to show his fans a little about his skills. As you well know him, he is usually the one who fucks and he loves going balls deep in any hole. Anyway, this week they came out with this great scene as they found this tooled ginger dude who will have his cock licked and sucked better than ever. The hunk over there will wash good that cock, gagging his throat and also massaging the balls while doing it. Hunter is the one who assists, to a point, then he will join the, shoving his cock into that ginger’s mouth and offering us a great POV. Anyway, the three will fuck each other in all kind of hot positions, each one having the asshole stretched, then will spray their warm jizz all over each other. You cannot miss this one. Just make yourself comfortable and enjoy your favorite gay couple in maverickmen action once again. If you liked this scene maybe you wanna see some sexy trannies sucking cocks, so if you do, check out the she plays with her cock site and have fun!

Maverick Men Pumper part 2

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The Pool Party

Hello, there! Cole and Hunter are back as they had this gay pool party which ended with some incredible maverick men scenes and lots of jizz all over. The horny couple is always looking for new adventures, so they organized this great pool party and invited only some of their gay friends. As always, they end up sucking and fucking on Hunter’s camera, so you better make yourself comfortable as some incredible scenes are coming.

So we have here three hunks having a great time together, all naked and horny. Watch those two studs fucking their new buddy. He will suck on both cocks, trying to please them both. The horny sucker sure has some skills and will end up sprayed with rain of nasty jizz. Cole and Hunter are assisting them. But not for much, as you will see the two studs joining the threesome and ending recoding a hot pool orgy for your viewing delight. These guys will have a wonderful time fucking each other in their every hole, licking each other’s ass and balls and also sucking like there’s no tomorrow, them ending with rain of cum all over each other. Like the guys from the site, they are crazy about riding big fat cocks in front of the video camera, so if this wasn’t convincing enough for you, just hit that link bellow and you will find the entire maverick men gallery and a great collection for you.


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Maverick Men – Nice Piece

Hello, you all! Check out our last maverick men update and enjoy horny Cole fucking hard his new buddy while Hunter is recording him for you, as usual. Horny Cole will show us again how a real man should fuck, making our cock begging to jerk on this hot content. The stud has here one of their fans, as you know, he and Hinter sometimes will pick some of us for their scenes. So that lucky bastard ended fucked by the nice gay couple, also recorder while doing that.

Maverick Men NICE PIECE

Cole was in great shape here. That’s why he brought tonight this scene because. Cole and Hunter will give us only their best scenes and we should feel lucky because we get to see them in action every week. I, personally, I am waiting eagerly their fresh content. I love watching Cole shoving his cock deep inside some hole and also Hunter to face fuck some gay or straight man while recoding, giving us those amazing POVs. The two sure know how to keep their fans. Anyway, let’s not waste anymore time and let’s watch Cole washing his new buddy’s hairy asshole before shoving the cock inside. He likes them like that, washed and moisturized, just ready for his hard tool. So, yeah, he licked his buddy in the ass, then he spread the buttocks with the palms and shoved the huge cock inside, stretching his hole to limits. Hunter couldn’t resist anymore, so he joined them. Cum inside and enjoy the entire maverickmen scene! Also you can watch some gay fraternity videos from and see other hot gays having anal sex in front of the video camera!

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BTW Nice Cock!

Here we are again and our favorite maverick men are back with some fresh content since they enjoyed another gay fuck on the cameras. We are so lucky to have them since they share their every experience and they get better and better with every week. Well, the two found this hot teen who will suck on both cocks, then will take some serious cock deep into his tiny ass, as you know that Cole and Hinter will show no mercy for any hole, going hard, deep and raw for your viewing delight.

As I said, the two found this horny teen who will pleasure them, doing as he’s told. Cole got him all hard and horny, rubbing his cock and with his talented hands and those lips. He will lick the balls, as well. Then he’ll shove his throbbing into that mouth, making the teen chocking a little and stretching his throat for your viewing delight. So horny Cole will have his cock sucked while his buddy, Hunter will record the entire action. And, as you well know Hunter, he will join them in no time, also shoving his cock into that new dude’s mouth just to see how talented he is. After the two face-fucked their new catch, you will see them fucking each other in the ass and also taking the cum in the end for your viewing delight. These hot guys really know how to fuck, just like the dudes from the blog! That horny teen will remember about this great maverickmen experience for a long time, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s go inside to see what the three are capable off. Have fun, you all!

Maverick Men nice cock

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Naked Dude

Hi there, you little perverts! Here we are again with some fresh content as our maverick men found themselves another hot dude to be in their weekly videos. That sweet teen is the kind of partner who will say yes to anything and also likes it a little rough. Well, he is the perfect candidate for Cole and Hunter and I guarantee you will love him, as well, especially because he looks simply perfect sucking on that cock. Just watch him. Like the guys from the bang bang boys blog, he is very skilled in sucking big fat cocks!

So this is their new buddy. As you can see he is an Asian and look pretty good for his age. He just turned 21, so he is the perfect teen for our studs. They will fuck his every hole, making him moaning loudly and also stretching his tiny ass to limits. The young stud will take Cole’s cock deep into his mouth, sucking on it while massaging the balls. The boy also loves teasing, so he will massage Cole’s asshole, getting him even hornier. That hunk will flip him over and will shove his fat cock into that tiny ass of his while gripping his hair. That is the kind of action we all love about these maverick men, right? Let’s not waste anymore time and let’s watch those horny hunks fucking each other and spraying their cum all over each other. Have fun!

Maverick Men Naked Dude

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Lean Mean

Hello, you all and welcome back! It was Cole’s lucky night last night since he put his filthy mouth on two huge cocks. Hunter picked up this black dude for Cole who will be more than happy taste his cock. So the two are getting naughty once again and you just got front row seats to their amazing maverick men show. Just sit back there, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the two sucking and fucking on the camera once again for you.

Maverick Men LEAN MEAN

Hungry Cole was all over their new partner from the moment the camera started to roll. He hoped that the ebony dude to have some treasure in his pants and it has been shown that he was right. That horny black cock was exactly how he was hopping for: hard, large and juicy and he also had these hairy holes which will make your mouth water. So Cole will take it all into his talented mouth, proving us about his deepthroat skills. Hunter gets hard, as well, so he takes out his cock and give it to Cole who knows exactly how to take good care of both. He will get to one to another, sucking and slurping like there’s no tomorrow, then turn around his partners to take care of their asses, as well. As I said, it was her lucky day and you gotta see him in action as Cole truly was in a good shape. He loves sucking cocks, just like the guys from the like em straight blog! Enjoy the entire maverick men episode and watch the three sucking and fucking on the camera until each one is spraying the cum all around. See you all next week with more.

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Maverick Men – Cole and Hunter

Here we are again and this week your favorite Cole and Hunter engage in this incredible maverick men threesome and you just got the chance to see sexy Cole jizzed for your viewing delight. The gay couple are always looking for new partners and since they have lots of fans who will go on camera with them, so the two are having from who to choose. Watch the three pleasuring each other’s every single hole and spraying Cole all over for the great ending. You definitely gotta see that part.

The horny partner is a smoking hot dude with a fat cock and a great passions for hard tool. He is married, but he prefers cocks instead of pussies and Cole and Hunter were more than glad to have him in their teem. They always licked straight dudes or married dude. And this one was smoking hot with a great hunger for gay sex and some amazing blowing skills. Watch him taking both Cole and Hunter’s cock into his mouth and doing his best about that. Let’s not waste anymore time and let’s watch the three fucking and sucking like there’s no tomorrow, then spraying their fresh jizz all over Cole’s hairy chest. That end is something you don’t see everyday, so if you really want something different, this is the perfect maverickmen scene for you. Just hit the link bellow and see exactly what I’m talking about. Also you might visit the shemaleidol blog and see some sexy trannies sucking cocks and getting fucked!

Maverick Men Hunter and Cole

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