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Chris Crocker’s Night

Hello, my dear friends and welcome back! Tonight is Chris Cocker’s night since Hunter and Cole got this hot guest on their bed. Chris is a hot teen, great shapes and huge hunger for fresh cocks. He is also a fan of our maverick men and tonight he got the luck to go on camera with them. He also brought a friend, Jake, the one that Cole is kissing eagerly in this pictures. So the three are having this wonderful time and I truly hope you will also  have a great time. Just watch!

Hunter will be the cameraman tonight. At least for awhile, because at some point his throbbing cock will beg him to join the three. But until then, watch horny Cole taking good care of his two guests. Watch him shoving his cock into their mouth, having Chris sucking it good, then trying Jake’s throat, as well. Like always, the stud shows no mercy for them. And the boys prefer it rough and raw, and that is how Cole knows better to give it. Just make yourself comfortable ad watch him fucking Chris in the ass while having his balls licked by Jake. The three are making the perfect threesome, but this is not how things gonna end. Hunter can’t take it anymore, so he takes out his cock and shoves it eagerly into Chris’s mouth. And the teen will suck. Anyway, let’s nit waste anymore time chit-chating and let’s enjoy the hot foursome we brought only for you.


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